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Company Info

We are a custom-based scrapbooking company that is WILD About Scrapbooking unique products tailored to our customers' wants.   We are based in Plano, Texas and love all things Texas, our state, our schools, and our sports teams.  We are avid scrapbookers who also love sports, schools, family, vacations, and holidays but found it hard to find exactly the perfect way to display these subjects.  We have been scrapbooking for over 20 years and love to learn new techniques and explore new projects and products that we become WILD about.  We love to help our customers highlight and preserve their memories in custom projects specific to their desires.

Wild About Scrapbooking is a great place to find that "hard to find" gift or item that is completely unique to you!

Please excuse our dust as we work to improve your shopping experience.

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